Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois.


Biographical and Memorial Edition of the Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois, Volume I, by Newton Bateman, LL.D. and Paul Selby, A. M. and Special Authors and Contributors. Chicago: Munsell Publishing Company Publishers, 1915.

Abbott, Edward

Abingdon, Knox County

Accault, Michael

Ackerman, William K

Adams, George E

Adams, James

Adams, John

Adams, John M

Adams, Samuel

Adams County

Addams, John H

Addison, DuPage County



Agricultural Department

Akers, Peter

Akin, Edward C

Albany, Whiteside County

Albion, Edwards County

Alcorn, James L

Aldrich, J Frank

Aldrich, William

Aledo, Mercer County

Alexander, John T

Alexander, Milton K

Alexander, William M

Alexander County

Alexian Brothers' Hospital, Chicago

Alexis, Mercer & Warren Counties

Algonquins (Indians)

Allen, William J

Allen, Willis

Allerton, Samuel W

Allouez, Claude J

Allyn, Rev. Robert

Altamont, Effingham County

Altgeld, John P

Alton & Sangamon Railroad

Alton, Madison County

Alton Penitentiary, Madison County

Alton Riots

Altona, Knox County

Amboy, Lee County

Ames, Edward R

Anderson, Galusha

Anderson, George A

Anderson, James C

Anderson, Stinson H

Anderson, William B

Andrus, Reuben

Anna, Union County

Annex Central Hospital for Insane, Jacksonville

Anthony, Elliott

Anti-Nebraska Editorial Convention

Apple River, Jo Daviess County

Applington, Zenas


Archer, William B

Arcola, Douglas County

Arenz, Francis A

Arenzville, Cass County

Arlington Heights (formerly Dunton), Cook County

Armour, Philip D

Armstrong, George W

Armstrong, Joel W

Armstrong, John S

Armstrong, Perry A

Armstrong, William E

Arnold, Isaac N

Arrington, Alfred W

Arrowsmith, McLean County

Arthur, Douglas and Moultrie Counties

Asay, Edward G

Asbury, Henry

Ashland, Cass County

Ashley, Washington County

Ashmore, Coles County

Ashton, Lee County

Aspinwall, Homer F

Assumption, Christian County

Astoria, Fulton County

Asylum for Feeble-Minded Children, Lincoln

Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Rail-way Company

Athens, Menard County

Atkins, Smith D

Atkinson, Henry County

Atlanta, Logan County

Atlas, Pike County


Atwood, Piatt/Douglas County

Atwood, Charles B

Auburn, Sangamon County

Auditors of Public Accounts

Augusta, Hancock County

Augustana College, Rock Island

Aurora, Kane County

Austin, Cook County

Austin College, Effingham

Australian Ballot

Ava, Jackson County

Averyville, Peoria County

Avon, Fulton County

Ayer, Benjamin F

Ayers, Marshall P

Babcock, Amos C

Babcock, Andrew J

Bacon, George E

Bagby, John C

Bailey, Joseph M

Bailhache, Arthur L

Bailhache, John

Bailhache, Preston H

Bailhache, William H

Baker, David J

Baker, David J Jr

Baker, Edward D

Baker, Edward L

Baker, Henry S

Baker, Jehu

Baldwin, Elmer

Baldwin, Theron

Ballard, Addison

Baltes, Peter J

Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern Railway

Baltimore & Ohio & Chicago Railroad

Bangs, Mark

Bankson, Andrew


Barber, Hiram

Barclay, Sangamon County

Barnsback, George F J

Barnsback, Julius A

Barnum, William H

Barrere, Granville

Barrington, Cook County

Barrows, John H

Barry, Pike County

Bartlett, Adolphus C

Bascom, Flavel

Batavia, Kane County

Bateman, Clifford R

Bateman, Newton; (photo)

Bates, Clara D

Bates, Erastus N

Bates, George C

Bath, Mason County

Baylis, Pike County

Bayliss, Alfred

Beard, Thomas

Beardstown, Cass County

Beaubien, Alexander

Beaubien, Jean B

Beaubien, Madore B

Beaubien, Mark

Bebb, William

Becker, Charles St N

Beckwith, Corydon

Beckwith, Hiram

Beecher, Charles A

Beecher, Edward

Beecher, William H

Beggs, Stephen R

Beidler, Henry

Belfield, Henry H

Belknap, Hugh R

Bell, Robert

Belleville, St. Clair, County

Belleville, Centralia & Eastern Railroad

Belleville & Carondelet Railroad

Belleville & Eldorado Railroad

Belleville & Illinoistown Railroad

Belleville & Southern Illinois Railroad

Bellmont, Wabash County

Belt Railway Company of Chicago

Belvidere, Boone County

Bement, Piatt County

Benjamin, Reuben M

Bennett Medical Center, Chicago

Bent, Charles

Benton County

Berdan, James

Bergen, John G

Berggren, Augustus W

Bergier, J

Berry, Orville F

Berry, William W

Berwyn, Cook County

Bestor, George C

Bethany, Moultrie County

Bettie Stuart Institute, Springfield

Beveridge, James H

Beveridge, John L

Bienville, Jean B

Biggs, William

Biggsville, Henderson County

Big Muddy River, Franklin/Jackson Counties

Billings, Albert M

Billings, Henry W

Birkbeck, Morris

Bissell, William H

Black, John C

Black Hawk

Blackburn University, Macoupin County

Blackstone, Timothy B

Blackwell, Robert S

Blair, William

Blakely, David

Blakeman, Curtiss

Blanchard, Jonathan

Blandinsville, McDonough County

Blaney, Jerome V

Blatchford, Eliphalet W

Blatchford, John

Bledsoe, Albert T

Blodgett, Henry W

Bloomingdale, Du Page County

Bloomington, McLean County

Bloomington Convention of 1856

Blue Island, Cook County

Blue Island Railroad

Blue Mound, Macon County

Bluffs, Scott County

Boal, Robert

Board of Administration

Board of Arbitration

Board of Trade Building, Chicago

Boards - Auxiliary

Bogardus, Charles

Boggs, Carroll C

Boltwood, Henry L

Bond, Lester L

Bond, Shadrach

Bond, Shadrach Sr

Bond County

Bonney, Charles C

Boone, Levi D

Boone County

Bourbonnais, Kankakee County

Boutell, Henry S

Bouton, Nathaniel S

Boyd, Thomas A

Braceville, Grundy County

Bradford, Stark County

Bradsby, William H

Bradwell, James B

Bradwell, Myra C

Braidwood, Will County

Branson, Nathaniel W

Brayman, Mason

Breese, Clinton County

Breese, Sidney

Brentano, Lorenzo

Bridgeport, Lawrence County

Bridgeport, Cook County

Bridgeport & South Chicago Railway

Brighton, Macoupin County

Brimfield, Peoria County

Bristol, Frank M

Broadwell, Norman M

Brooks, John F

Bross, William

Brown County

Brown, Henry

Brown, James B

Brown, James N

Brown, William

Brown, William H

Browne, Francis F

Browne, Thomas C

Browning, Orville H

Bryan, Charles P

Bryan, Silas L

Bryan, Thomas B

Bryan, William J

Bryant, John H

Buck, Hiram

Buda, Bureau County

Buford, Napoleon B

Bulkley, Justus

Bull, Charles H

Bull, Lorenzo

Bunker Hill, Macoupin County

Bunn, Jacob

Bunn, John W

Bunsen, George

Burchard, Horatio C

Burdette, Robert J

Bureau County

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Burgess, Alexander

Burley, Arthur G

Burley, Augustus H

Burnham, Daniel H

Burr, Albert G

Burrell, Orlando

Burroughs, John C

Busey, Samuel T

Bushnell, McDonough County

Bushnell, Nehemiah

Bushnell, Washington

Butler, William

Butterfield, Justin

Byford, William H

Byron, Ogle County

Cable, Mercer County

Cable, Benjamin T

Cable, Ransom R

Cahokia, St. Clair County

Cairnes, Abraham

Cairo, Alexander County

Cairo Bridge

Cairo, Vincennes & Chicago Railroad

Cairo & St. Louis Railway

Cairo & Vincennes Railroad

Caldwell, George

Calhoun County

Calhoun, John

Calhoun, John

Calhoun, William J

Callahan, Ethelbert

Calumet River

Calumet River Railroad

Cambridge, Henry County

Cameron, James

Camp Douglas

Camp Douglas Conspiracy

Camp Point, Adams County

Campbell, Alexander

Campbell, Antrim

Campbell, James R

Campbell, Thompson

Campbell, William J

Canal Scrip Fraud

Canby, Richard S

Cannon, Joseph G

Canton, Fulton County

Capps, Jabez

Carbondale, Jackson County

Carbondale & Shawneetown Railroad

Carey, William

Carlin, Thomas

Carlin, William P

Carlinville, Macoupin County

Carlyle, Clinton County

Carmi, White County

Carpenter, Milton

Carpenter, Philo

Carpenter, Sarah L W

Carpentersville, Kane County

Carr, Clark E

Carr, Eugene A

Carriel, Henry F

Carriel, Mary T

Carroll County

Carrollton, Greene County

Carter, Joseph N

Carter, Thomas H

Carterville, Williamson County

Carthage, Hancock County

Carthage & Burlington Railroad

Carthage College, Hancock County

Cartwright, James H

Cartwright, Peter

Cary, Eugene

Casad, Anthony W

Casey, Clark County

Casey, Newton R

Casey, Thomas S

Casey, Zadoc

Cass County

Castle, Orlando L

Catherwood, Mary H

Caton, John D

Cavarly, Alfred W

Central City, Marion County

Central Hospital for the Insane, Morgan County

Central Military Tract Railroad

Centralia, Marion County

Centralia & Altamont Railroad

Centralia & Chester Railroad

Cerro Gordo, Piatt County

Chaddock College, Quincy

Chamberlin, Thomas C

Champaign, Champaign County

Champaign, Havana & Western Railroad

Champaign County

Chandler, Charles

Chandler, Henry B

Chandlerville, Cass County

Chapin, Morgan County

Chappell, Charles H

Charleston, Coles County

Charleston, Peoria & St. Louis Railroad

Charlevoix, Pierre F

Chase, Philander

Chatham, Sangamon County

Chatsworth, Livingston County

Chebanse, Iroquois/Kankakee Counties

Cheney, Charles E

Cheney, John V

Chenoa, McLean County

Chenu Mansion, Kaskaskia (1898), where La Fayette was entertained in 1825

Chesbrough, Ellis S

Chesnut, John A

Chester, Randolph County

Chetlain, Augustus L


Chicago Academy of Sciences

Chicago Board of Trade

Chicago, Burlington & Northern Railroad

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad

Chicago, Danville & Vincennes Railroad

Chicago Drainage Channel - (photo 1; photo 2; photo 3; photo 4)

Chicago Great Western Railway

Chicago, Harlem & Batavia Railroad

Chicago, Havana & Western Railroad

Chicago Historical Society - Building

Chicago Homeopathic Medical College

Chicago Hospital for Women and Children

Chicago, Madison & Northern Railroad

Chicago Medical College

Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway

Chicago, Paducah & Memphis Railroad

Chicago, Pekin & Southwestern Railroad

Chicago, Peoria & St. Louis Railroad

Chicago Post Office (U. S. Gov. Building)

Chicago Public Buildings

Chicago River

Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway

Chicago, St. Louis & Paducah Railway

Chicago, St. Paul & Fond du Lac Railroad

Chicago, St. Paul & Kansas City Railway

Chicago Terminal Transfer Railroad

Chicago Theological Seminary

Chicago Thoroughfares; photo 2

Chicago & Alton Railroad

Chicago & Aurora Railroad

Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railroad

Chicago & Grand Trunk Railway

Chicago & Great Eastern Railway

Chicago & Great Southern Railroad

Chicago & Illinois Southern Railway

Chicago & Mississippi Railroad

Chicago & Nashville Railroad

Chicago & Northern Pacific Railroad

Chicago & Northwestern Railway

Chicago & Springfield Railroad

Chicago & Texas Railroad

Chicago & Western Indiana Railroad

Chicago & Wisconsin Railroad

Childs, Robert A

Chillicothe, Peoria County

Chiniquy, Charles

Chouart, Medard

Chrisman, Edgar County

Christian County

Church, Lawrence S

Church, Selden M

Churchill, George

Clark, George R

Clark, Horace S

Clark, John M

Clark County

Clay, Porter

Clay City

Clay County

Clayton, Adams County

Cleaver, William

Clements, Isaac

Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis Railway


Clinton, De Witt County

Clinton County

Cloud, Newton

Clowry, Robert C

Coal and Coal-Mining

Coal City, Grundy County

Cobb, Emery

Cobb, Silas B

Cobden, Union County

Cochran, William G

Codding, Ichabod

Cody, Hiram H

Colchester, McDonough County

Coles, Edward

Coles County

Colfax, McLean County

College of Physicians and Surgeons

Colleges, Early

Collier, Robert L

Collins, Frederick

Collins, James H

Collins, Loren C

Collins, William H

Collinsville, Madison County

Collyer, Robert

Colton, Chauncey S

Colton, Francis

Columbia, Monroe County

Company of the West

Comparative Size of Great Canals

Concordia Seminary, Springfield

Condee, Leander D

Conger, Edwin H


Congressional Apportionment

Conkling, Clinton L

Conkling, James C

Connolly, James A

Constable, Charles H

Constitutional Conventions


Cook, Burton C

Cook, Daniel P

Cook, John

Cook County

Cook County Hospital

Cooke, Edward D

Coolbaugh, William F

Cooley, Horace S

Corbus, J C

Cornell, Paul

Corwin, Franklin

Couch, Ira

Couch, James

Coulterville, Randolph County

Cowden, Shelby County

Cowles, Alfred

Cox, Thomas

Coy, Irus

Crafts, Clayton E

Craig, Alfred M

Crane, James L

Crawford, Charles H

Crawford County

Creal Springs, Williamson County

Crebs, John M

Creighton, James A

Crerar, John

Crete, Will County

Crook, George

Crosiar, Simon

Crystal Lake, McHenry County

Cuba, Fulton County

Cullen, William

Cullom, Richard N

Cullom, Shelby M

Cumberland County

Cummins, David

Curtis, Harvey

Curtis, William E

Cushman, William H W

Dale, Michael G

Danenhower, John W

Danvers, McLean County

Danville, Vermilion County

Danville, Olney & Ohio River Railroad

Danville, Urbana, Bloomington & Pekin Railroad

D'Artaiguiette, Pierre

Davenport, George

Davis, David

Davis, George R

Davis, Hasbrouck

Davis, James M

Davis, John A

Davis, Levi

Davis, Nathan S

Davis, Oliver L

Dawes, Charles G

Dawson, John

Day after Chicago Fire

Deaf and Dumb, Illinois Institution for Education of

Dearborn, Luther

Decatur, Macon County

Decatur Editorial Convention

Decatur & Eastern Railway

Decatur, Mattoon & Southern Railroad

Decatur, Sullivan & Mattoon Railroad

Deep Snow, The

Deere, John

Deere, Charles H.

Deering, William

De Kalb, De Kalb County

De Kalb County

De Kalb & Great Western Railroad

Delavan, Tazewell County

Dement, Henry D

Dement, John

Dent, Thomas

Des Plaines, Cook County

Des Plaines River

Dewey, Richard S

De Witt County

De Wolf, Calvin

Dexter, Wirt

Dickey, Hugh T

Dickey, Theophilus L

Disciples of Christ, The

Distin, William L

Dixon, Lee County

Dixon, John

Doane, John W

Dolton Station, Cook County

Dongola, Union County

Doolittle, James R

Dore, John C

Dougherty, John

Douglas, John M

Douglas, Stephen A

Douglas County

Downers Grove, Du Page County

Downing, Finis E

Drake, Francis M

Draper, Andrew S

Dresser, Charles

Drummond, Thomas

Dubois, Fred T

Dubois, Jesse K

Ducat, Arthur C

Duels and Anti-Dueling Laws

Duff, Andrew D

Dummer, Henry E

Duncan, Joseph

Duncan, Thomas

Dundee, Kane County

Dunham, John H

Dunham, Ransom W

Dunlap, George L

Dunlap, Henry M

Dunlap, Mathias L

Du Page County

Du Quoin, Perry County

Durborow, Allan C

Dustin, Daniel

Dwight, Livingston County

Dyer, Charles V

Early, John

Early Historic Scenes, Chicago

Early Scenes in Northeastern Illinois

Earlyville, La Salle County

Earthquake of 1811

East Dubuque, Jo Daviess County

East St. Louis, St. Clair County

Eastern Hospital for the Insane, Kankakee

Eastern Illinois Normal School, Coles County

Eastman, Zebina

Easton, Rufus

Eberhart, John F

Eckels, James H

Eckhart, Bernard A

Edbrooke, Willoughby J

Eddy, Henry

Eddy, Thomas M

Edgar, John

Edgar County

Edinburg, Christian County

Edsall, James K


Edwards, Arthur

Edwards, Benjamin S

Edwards, Cyrus

Edwards, Ninian

Edwards, Ninian W

Edwards, Richard

Edwards County

Edwardsville, Madison County

Effingham, Effingham County

Effingham County

Egan, William B

Elburn, Kane County

Eldorado, Saline County

Eldridge, Hamilton N


Electors, Qualifications of

Elgin, Kane County

Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Railway

Elizabethtown, Hardin County

Elkhart, Logan County

Elkin, William F

Ellis, Edward F W

Ellis, John M

Ellsworth, Ephraim E

Elmhurst, Du Page County

Elmwood, Peoria County

El Paso, Woodford County

Embarras River

Emmerson, Charles

Enfield, White County

Engineering Hall, University of Illinois

English, Joseph G

Enos, Julia R

Enos, Pascal P

Enos, Pascal P Jr

Enos, Zimri A

Epler, Cyrus

Equality, Gallatin County

Erie, Whiteside County

Eureka, Woodford County

Eureka College, Woodford County

Eustace, John V

Evangelical Seminary, Du Page County

Evans, Henry H

Evans, Jervice G

Evans, John

Evanston, Cook County

Ewing, William L D

Executive Officers

Experiment Farm, University of Illinois

Experiment Farm, University of Illinois—The Vineyard & Orchard Cultivation

Eye and Ear Infirmary, Illinois Charitable

Fairbury, Livingston County

Fairfield, Wayne County

Fairmount, Vermilion County

Fallows, Samuel

Farina, Fayette County

Farmer City, De Witt County

Farmers' Institute

Farmington, Fulton County

Farnsworth, Elon J

Farnsworth, John F

Farwell, Charles B

Farwell, John V

Farwell, William W

Fayette County

Feeble-Minded Children, Asylum for, Logan County

Feehan, Patrick A

Fell, Jesse W

Fergus, Robert

Ferry, Elisha P

Fevre River

Ficklin, Orlando B

Field, Alexander P

Field, Daniel

Field, Eugene

Field, Green R

Field, Marshall

Fifer, Joseph W

Findlay, Shelby County

Finerty, John F

First Illinois State House, Kaskaskia (1818)

Fisher, George


Fithian George W

Fithian, William

Flagg, Gershom

Flagg, Willard C

Fleming, Robert K

Fletcher, Job

Flora, Clay County

Flower, Edward F

Flower, George

Fobes, Philena

Foley, Thomas

Forbes, Stephen V

Ford, Thomas

Ford County

Forman, Ferris

Forman, William S

Forquer, George

Forrest, Livingston County

Forrest, Joseph K C

Forsythe, Albert P

Fort, Greenbury L

Fort Dearborn (1853)

Fort Dearborn from Southeast (1808)

Fort Dearborn from the West (1808)

Foss, George E

Foster, John H

Foster, John W

Fouke, Philip B

Fowler, Charles H

Francis, Allen

Francis, Josiah

Francis, Simeon

Frazier, Robert

Freeman, Norman L

Freer, Lemuel C P

French, Augustus C

Frew Calvin H

Fry, Jacob

Fry, James B

Fry, William M

Fuller, Allen C

Fuller, Charles E

Fuller, Melville W

Fullerton, Alexander N

Funk, Benjamin F

Funk, Isaac

Funk, Lafayette

Gage, Lyman J

Gale George W

Gale, Stephen F

Gale, William S

Galloway, Andrew J

Gary, Joseph E

Gassette, Norman T

Gatewood, William J

Gault, John C

General John Edgar's House, Kaskaskia

Gest, William H

Gibault, Pierre

Gill, Joseph R

Gillespie, Joseph

Gillett, John D

Gillett, Philip G

Gillham, Daniel B

Gilman, Arthur

Glenn, Archibald A

Glenn, John J

Glover, Joseph

Godfrey, Benjamin

Goldzier, Julius

Gooding, James

Gooding, William

Goodrich, Grant

Gore, David

Goudy, Calvin

Goudy, William C

Graff, Joseph V

Grammar, John

Granger, Flavel K

Grant, Alexander F

Grant, Ulysses S

Gratiot, Charles

Gravier, Jacques

Gray, Elisha

Gray, William C

Greathouse, Lucien

Green, William H

Greene, Henry S

Greene, William G

Gregg, David L

Gregory, John M

Gresham, Walter Q

Greusel, Nicholas

Gridley, Asahel

Grier, David P

Grierson, Benjamin H

Griggs, Samuel C

Grimshaw, Jackson

Grimshaw, William A

Grinnell, Julius S

Gross, Jacob

Gross, William L

Grosscup, Peter S

Gulliver, John P

Gurley, William F E

Hacker, John S

Hadley, William F L

Haines, Elijah M

Haines, John C

Hale, Albert B

Hale, Edwin M

Hall, Cyrus

Hall, James

Hamer, Thomas

Hamilton, John B

Hamilton, John L

Hamilton, John M

Hamilton, Richard J

Hamilton, William S

Hammond, Charles G

Handy, Moses P

Hanks, Dennis

Hanks, John

Hanon, Martin

Hardin, Ellen

Hardin, John J

Hardin, Martin D

Harding, Abner C

Hargrave, Willis

Harlan, James

Harlan, Justin

Harlow, George H

Harper, William H

Harper, William U

Harris, Thomas L

Harris, William L

Harrison, Carter H

Harrison, Carter H, Jr

Harrison, William H

Hartzell, William

Haskell, Harriet N

Hatch, Ozias M

Hatfield, Robert M

Hatton, Frank

Haven, Erastus

Haven, Luther

Hawk, Robert M A

Hawley, John B

Hay, John

Hay, John

Hay, John B

Hay, Milton

Hayes, Philip C

Hayes, Samuel S

Haynie, Isham N

Hays, John

Heacock, Reuben

Heacock, Russell

Healy, George P A

Heaton, William W

Hecker, Friedrich K F

Hempstead, Charles S

Hempstead, Edward

Hempstead, Stephen

Henderson, Thomas J

Henderson, William H

Hennepin, Louis

Henry, James D

Herndon, Archer G

Herndon, William H

Herrington, Augustus M

Herrington, James

Herrington, James Sr

Hertz, Henry L

Hesing, Antone C

Hesing, Washington

Hibbard, Homer N

Hicks, Stephen C

Higbee, Chauncey L

Higgins, Van Hollis

Higginson, Charles M

High James L

Hildrup, Jesse S

Hill, Charles A

Hinrichsen, William H

Hitchcock, Charles

Hitchcock, Luke

Hitt, Daniel F

Hitt, Isaac R

Hitt, Robert R

Hobart, Horace R

Hoffman, Francis A

Hogan, John

Hoge, Joseph P

Hollister, John H

Home for Juvenile Female Offenders, Geneva

Hooley, Richard M

Hopkins, Albert J

Houghton, Horace H

House of Chief Ducoign, the last of the Kaskaskias (1893)

House of Governor Bond, Old Kaskaskia (1891)

Hovey, Charles E

Howland, George

Hoyne, Philip A

Hubbard, Gurdon S

Hughitt, Marvin

Hulett Alta M

Hunt, Daniel D

Hunt, George

Hunter, Andrew J

Hunter, David

Hurd, Harvery B

Hurlbut, Stephen A

Hutchins, Thomas

Iles, Elijah

Illinois Eastern Hospital for Insane, Kankakee

Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Home, Quincy

Illinois State Building, World's Columbian Exposition, 1893

Illinois State Capitol (First), Kaskaskia

Illinois State Capitol (Second), Vandalia

Illinois State Capitol (Third), Springfield

Illinois State Capitol (Present), Springfield

Illinois State Normal University, Normal

Illinois State Penitentiary, Joliet

Illinois State Penitentiary—Cell House and Women's Prison

Illinois State Reformatory, Pontiac

Ingersoll, Ebon C

Ingersoll, Robert G

Inglis, Samuel M

Institution for Deaf and Dumb, Jacksonville

Institution for the Blind, Jacksonville

Interior of Room, Kaskaskia Hotel (1893) where La Fayette Banquet was held

Isham, Edward S

Jackson, Huntington W

James, Colin D

James, Edmund J

Jameson, John A

Jarrot, Nicholas

Jayne, Gershom

Jayne, William

Jeffery, Edward T

Jenkins, Alexander M

Jenney, William Le B

Johnson, Caleb C

Johnson, Herrick

Johnson, Hosmer A

Johnston, Noah

Jones, Alfred M

Jones, Fernando

Jones, George W

Jones, John R

Jones, John R Jr

Jones, J Russell

Jones, Kiler K

Jones, Michael

Jones, Rice

Jones, William

Joslyn, Merritt L

Jouett, Charles

Judd, NormanB

Judd, S Corning

Judy, Jacob

Judy, Jacob

Judy, James W

Judy, Samuel

Judy, Thomas

Kanan, Michael F

Kane, Elias K

Kaskaskia Hotel, where La Fayette was feted in 1825 (as it appeared, 1893)

Keith, Edson Sr

Keith, Elbridge G

Kellogg, Hiram H

Kellogg, William P

Kendrick, Adin A

Kent, Aratus

Kerfoot, Samuel H

Keyes, Willard

Kilpatrick, Thomas M

King, John L

King, William H

Kingman, Martin

Kinkade, William

Kinney, William

Kinney, William C

Kinzie, John

Kinzie, John H

Kirby, Edward P

Kirk, Edward N

Kirkland, Elizabeth S

Kirkland, Joseph

Kirkpatrick, John

Kitchell, Alfred

Kitchell, Edward

Kitchell, John W

Kitchell, Wickliff

Knickerbocker, Joshua C

Knowlton, Dexter A

Knox, Joseph

Koerner, Gustavus

Kohlsaat, Christian C

Kohlsaat, Herman H

Krome, William H

Kueffner, William C

Kuykendall, Andrew J

Lacey, Lyman

La Fayette, Marquis

Laflin, Matthew

Lamb, James L

Lamb, Martha J R N

Lamborn, Josiah

Lamon, Ward H

Landes, Silas Z

Landrigan, John

Lane, Albert G

Lane, Edward

Lanphier, Charles H

Larcom, Lucy

Larned, Edward C

La Salle, Reni Robert C

Lathrop, William

Lawler, Frank

Lawler, Michael K

Lawler, Thomas G

Lawrence, Charles B

Lawson, Victor F

Leland, Edwin S

Lemen, James Jr

Lemen, James Sr

Lemen, Joseph

Lemen, Josiah

Lemen, Moses

Lemen, Robert

Lemen, William

Le Moyne, John V

Leonard, Edward F

Leverett, Washington

Leverett, Warren

Lewis, John H

Library Building, University of Illinois

Library Building—Main Floor—University of Illinois

Lincoln, Abraham; photo

Lincoln, Robert T

Lincoln Park Monuments, Chicago

Lincoln Park Views, Chicago

Linder, Usher F

Linegar, David T

Lippincott, Charles E

Lippincott, Emily W C

Lippincott, Thomas

Little, George

Littler David T

Livermoore, Mary A

Lockwood, Samuel D

Logan, Cornelius A

Logan, John

Logan, John A

Logan, Stephen T

Long, Stephen H

Longenecker, Joel M

Loomis, Elias

Loomis, Hubbell

Lorimer, William

Lovejoy, Elijah P

Lovejoy, Owen

Ludlam, Reuben

Lundy, Benjamin

Lunt, Orrington

Lusk, John T

Mack, Alonzo W

MacMillan, Thomas C

MacVeagh, Franklin

Magruder, Benjamin D

Maltby, Jasper A

Maniere, George

Mann, James R

Mann, Orrin L

Manning, Joel

Manning, Julius

Map of Burned District, Chicago Fire, 1871

Map of Grounds, World's Columbian Exposition, 1893

Map of Illinois

Map of Illinois, Showing Population Density

Marcy, Oliver

Marquette, Jacques

Marsh, Benjamin F

Marsh, William

Marshall, Samuel S

Martin, James S

Mason, Edward G

Mason, Roswell B

Mason, William E

Matheny, Charles R

Matheny, James H

Matheny, Noah W

Mather, Thomas

Matteson, Joel A

Matthews, Asa C

Matthews, Milton W

Maxwell, Philip

May, William L

Mayo, Walter L

McAllister, William K

McArthur, John

McCagg, Ezra B

McCartney, James

McCartney, Robert W

McClaughry, Robert W

McClellan, Robert H

McClernand, John A

McClurg, Alexander C

McConnel, JohnL

McConnel, Murray

McConnell, John

McConnell, Samuel P

McCormick, Cyrus H

McCormick Seminary, Chicago

McCulloch, David

McCullough, James S

McDannold, John J

McDougall, James A

McFarland, Andrew

McGahey, David

McGahey, James D

McGann, Lawrence E

McHenry, William

McIntosh, Alexander

McKendree, William

McLaren, William E

McLaughlin, Robert K

McLean, John

McMullin, James C

McMurtry, William

McNeeley Thompson W

McNulta, John

McPherson, Simeon J

McRoberts, Josiah

McRoberts, Samuel

McVicker, James H

McWilliams, David

Medill, Joseph

Medill, William H

Meeker, Moses

Membre, Zenobius

Menard, Pierre

Merriam, Jonathan

Merrill, Stephen M

Merritt, John W

Merritt, Thomas E

Merritt, Wesley

Messinger, John

Metcalf, Andrew W

Meyer, John

Mihalotzy, Geza

Milburn, William H

Milchrist, Thomas E

Miles, Nelson A

Miller,James H

Mills, Benjamin

Mills, Henry A

Mills, Luther L

Miner, Orlin H

Minshall, William A

Moloney, Maurice T

Monroe, George D

Monuments in Lincoln Park, Chicago

Moore, Clifton H

Moore Enoch S

Moore, Henry

Moore, James

Moore, James B

Moore, Jesse H

Moore, John

Moore, John

Moore, Risdon

Moore, Risdon Jr

Moore, Stephen R

Moore, William

Moran, Thomas A

Morgan, James D

Morris, Buckner S

Morris, Freeman P

Morris, Isaac N

Morrison, Isaac L

Morrison, James

Morrison, James L D

Morrison, Joseph

Morrison, Lewis

Morrison, Robert

Morrison, William

Morrison, William

Morrison, William R

Morton, Joseph

Moses, Adolph

Moses, John

Moulton, George M

Moulton, Samuel W

Mudd, John J

Mulligan, James A

Munn, Daniel W

Munn, Sylvester W

Murphy, Everett J

Natural History Hall, University of Illinois

Neale, Thomas M

Neece, William H

Newberry, Walter C

Newberry, Walter L

Newberry Library, Chicago

Newell, John

Newhall, Horatio

Nicolay, John G

Nicolet, Jean

Niles, Nathaniel

Nixon, William P

Northcott, William A

Northern Hospital for the Insane, Elgin

Norton, Jesse

Noyes, George C

Oberly, John H

Ogden, William B

Ogle, Jacob

Ogle, Joseph

Oglesby, Richard J

Old Kaskaskia, from Garrison Hill (as it appeared in 1893)

Old State House, Kaskaskia (1900)

Omelveny, Edward

Omelveny, Harvey K S

Omelveny, John

Omelveny, Samuel

Osborn, Thomas O

Osborn, William H

Owen, Thomas J V

Paddock, Gaius

Paine,Eleazer A

Palmer, Bertha M H

Palmer, Frank W

Palmer, John M

Palmer, Potter

Parks, Gavion D A

Parks, Lawson A

Partridge, Charles A

Patterson, Robert W

Pavey, Charles W

Payson, Lewis E

Peabody, Selim H

Pearson, Isaac N

Pearson, John M

Pearsons, Daniel K

Peck, Ebenezer

Peck, Ferdinand W

Peck, George R

Peck, John M

Peck, Philip F W

Pell, Gilbert T

Perrot, Nicholas

Peters, Onslow

Phillips, David L

Phillips, George S

Phillips, Jesse J

Phillips, Joseph

Pickett, Thomas J

Pierson, David

Pierson, Ornan

Pierre Menard Mansion, Kaskaskia (1893)

Piggott, Isaac N

Pillsbury, Nathaniel J

Pleasants, George W

Plumb, Ralph

Pointe De Saible, Jean B

Pool, Orval

Poole, William F

Pope, John

Pope, Nathaniel S

Porter, Jeremiah

Posey, Thomas

Post, Truman M

Post, Joel S

Post, Philip S

Powell, John W

Powell, William H

Prentice, William S

Prentiss, Benjamin M

Prickett, Abraham

Prickett, David

Prickett, George W

Prickett, Isaac

Prince, David

Prince, Edward

Prince, George W

Pryor, Joseph E

Pugh, Isaac C

Pugh, Jonathan H

Pullman, George M

Purple, Norman H

Puterbaugh, Leslie D

Puterbaugh, Sabin D

Raab, Henry

Radisson, Pierre E

Ralston, Virgil Y

Ramsay, Rufus N

Ransom, Thomas E G

Rasle, Sebastian

Raster, Herman

Rauch, John H

Raum, Green B

Raum, John

Rawlins, John A

Ray, Charles H

Ray, Lyman B

Ray, William H

Raymond, Miner

Reavis, Logan U

Rector, Charles

Rector, Elias

Rector, Nelson

Rector, Stephen

Rector, Thomas

Rector, William

Reeves, Owen T

Reeves, Walter

Remnant of Old Kaskaskia (as it appeared in 1898)

Rend, William P

Reynolds, John

Reynolds, John P

Reynolds, Joseph S

Reynolds, William M

Rhoads, Franklin L

Rhoads, Joshua

Rice, Edward Y

Rice, John B

Richardson, William A

Ridgely, Charles

Ridgely, Nicholas H

Ridgway, Thomas S

Riggs, James M

Riggs, Scott

Rinaker, John

Ripley, Edward P

Rives, John C

Robb, Thomas P

Roberts, William C

Robinson, James C

Robinson, John M

Roe, Edward R

Rogers, George C

Rogers, Henry W

Rogers, John G

Roll, John E

Roodhouse, John

Root, George F

Roots, Benajah G

Roots, Logan H

Roots, Philander K

Rose, James A

Ross, Leonard F

Ross, William

Rounds, Sterling P

Rountree, Hiram

Routt, John L

Rowell, Jonathan H

Rowett, Richard

Russell, John

Russell, Martin J

Rutherford, FriendS

Rutherford, George V

Rutherford, Reuben C

Rutledge, William J

Rutz, Edward

Ryan, Edward G

Ryan, James

Sanger, James Y

Sanger, Lorenzo P

Savage, George S F

Scales, Walter B

Scammon, Jonathan Y

Scarritt, Nathan

Scenes in South Park, Chicago

Schneider, George

Schofield, John M

Scholfield, John

Schwatka, Frederick

Scott, James W

Scott, John M

Scott, Matthew T

Scott, Owen

Scripps, John L

Scroggs, George

Selby, Paul; photo

Semple, James

Senn, Nicholas

Sexton, James A

Seymour, George F


Shaw, Aaron

Shaw, James

Sheahan, James W

Sheldon, Benjamin R

Sheppard, Nathan

Sheridan Road and on the Boulevards, Chicago

Sherman, Alson S

Sherman, Elijah B

Sherman, Lawrence Y

Sherman, Oren

Shields, James

Shipman, George E

Shorey, Daniel L

Short, William F

Shoup, George L

Showalter, John W

Shuman, Andrew

Shumway, Dorice D

Shumway, Hiram P

Sibley, Joseph

Sim, William

Sims, James

Singer, Horace M

Singleton, James W

Sinnet, John S

Skinner, Mark

Skinner, Otis A

Skinner, Ozias C

Slade, Charles

Slade, James P

Sloan, Wesley

Smith, Abner

Smith, Charles G

Smith, David A

Smith, Dietrich C

Smith, George

Smith, George W

Smith, George W

Smith, Giles A

Smith, Gustavus A

Smith, JohnC

Smith, John E

Smith, Joseph

Smith, Justin A

Smith, Perry H

Smith, Robert

Smith, Samuel L

Smith, Sidney

Smith, Theophilus W

Smith, Thomas W

Smith, William H

Smith, William M

Smith, William S

Snapp, Henry

Snow, Herman W

Snowhook, William B

Snyder, Adam W

Snyder, William H

Soulard, Eliza M H

Soulard, James G

Soldiers' Widows' Home, Wilmington

Southern Illinois Normal, Carbondale

Southern Illinois Penitentiary and Asylum for Incurable Insane, Chester

Spalding, Jesse

Spalding, John L

Sparks, David R

Sparks, William A J

Speed, James

Speed, Joshua F

Springer, Francis

Springer, William M

St Clair, Arthur

Stager, Anson

Standish, John V

Stapp, James T B

Starved Rock

Stephenson, Benjamin

Stephenson, Benjamin F

Stephenson, James W

Stevens, Bradford K

Stevenson, Adlai E

Steward, Lewis

Stickney, William H

Stiles, Isaac N

Stillman, Stephen


Stolbrand, Carlos J M

Stone, Daniel

Stone, Horatio

Stone, Luther

Stone, Melville E

Stone, Samuel

Storey, Wilbur F

Storrs, Emery A

Strawn, Jacob

Street, Joseph M

Strooter, Alson J

Strong, William E

Stuart, John T

Sturges, Solomon

Sturtevant, Julian M

Sturtevant, Julian M Jr

Sullivan, William K

Suliivant, Michael L

Sweet, Ada C

Sweet, Benjamin J

Sweetser, A C

Swett, Leonard

Swigert, Charles P

Swing, David

Taft, Lorado

Talcott, Dwight L

Talcott, Henry W

Talcott, Mancel

Talcott, Sylvester

Talcott, Thomas P

Talcott, Wait

Talcott, William

Tanner, Edward A

Tanner, John K

Tanner, Tazewell B

Taylor, Abner

Taylor, Benjamin F

Taylor, Edmund D

Temple, John T

Thomas, Horace H

Thomas, Jesse B

Thomas, Jesse B Jr

Thomas, John

Thomas, John R

Thomas, William

Thornton, Anthony

Thornton, William F

Tillson, Charles H

Tillson, Christiana H

Tillson, John

Tillson, John, Jr

Tillson, Robert

Tincher, John L

Tipton, Thomas F

Todd, John

Todd, John BS

Tonty, Henry de

Townshend, Richard W

Tracy, John M

Treat,Samuel H

Tree, Lambert

Truitt, James M

Trumbull, Lyman

Tuley, Murray F

Tunnicliffe, Damon G

Turchin, John B

Turner, Henry L

Turner, John B

Turner, Jonathan B

Turner, ThomasJ

Tuthill, Richard S

Tyndale, Sharon

Underwood, William H

University Hall, University of Illinois

University of Chicago

University of Illinois, Urbana (Group of Buildings)

Upton, George P

Usrey, William J

Van Arnam, John

Vandeveer, Horatio M

Van Home, William C

Vasseur, Noel C

View from Engineering Hall, University of Illinois

View on Principal Street, Old Kaskaskia (1891)

Vigo, Francois

Vincennes, Jean B B

Vinyard, Philip

Vocke, William

Volk, Leonard W

Voss, Arno

Wait, William S

Walker, Cyrus

Walker, James B

Walker, James M

Walker, Jesse

Walker, Pinkney H

Wall, George W

Wallace, Martin R M

Wallace, Peter

Wallace, William H L

Ward, James H

Warner, Vespasian

Warren, Calvin A

Warren, Hooper

Warren, John E

Washburne, Elihu B

Waterman, Arba N

Watts, Amos

Wayne, Anthony

Webb, Edwin B

Webb, Henry L

Webster, Fletcher

Webster, Joseph D

Welch, William R

Weldon, Lawrence

Wells, Albert W

Wells, William

Wells, William H

Wentworth, John

West, Edward M

West, Mary A

Western Hospital for the Insane, Watertown

Wetherell, Emma A

Wheeler, David H

Wheeler, Hamilton K

Whistler, John

White, George E

White, Horace

White, Julius

Whitehouse, Henry J

Whitehouse, John

Whitehouse, John D

Whitehouse, Samuel

Whitehouse, William B

Whiteside, William

Whiting, Lorenzo D

Whiting, RichardH

Whitney, James W

Whittemore, Floyd K


Widen, Raphael

Wike, Scott

Wiley, Benjamin L

Wilkie, Franc B

Wilkin, Jacob W

Wilkinson, Ira

Wilkinson, John P


Willard, Frances E

Willard, Samuel

Williams, Abraham L

Williams, Archibald

Williams, Erastus S

Williams, JamesR

Williams, John


Williams, Norman

Williams, Robert E

Williams, Samuel

Williamson, Rollin S

Willis, Jonathan C

Wilson, CharlesL

Wilson, Isaac G

Wilson, James G

Wilson, James H


Wilson, John M

Wilson, John P

Wilson, Richard L

Wilson, Robert L

Wilson, Robert S

Wilson, William

Wines, Frederick H

Wines, WalterB

Winston,Frederick H

Withrow, Thomas F

Wolcott, Alexander

Wood, Benson

Wood, John

Woodman, Charles W

Woods, Robert M

Woodson, David M

Worcester, Linus E

World's Fair Buildings

Worthen, Amos H

Worthington, Nicholas E

Wright, John S

Wulff, Henry

Wylie, Samuel

Wyman, John B

Yates, Henry

Yates, Henry Jr

Yates, Richard

Young, Brigham

Young, Richard M

Zane, Charles S

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